Thursday, 7 January 2021

50s Still Fizzing

I'm starting a new blog, but haven't got round to the technical bit yet. But here's the first one anyhoo. I'll be keeping up EM_Phatic given the hit rate here - usually over 2K a month views for my erratic, emphatic ramblings. Here's the gist for the new/subsidiary blog:

I skirted death in various ways in 2018. Due to numerous surgeries and chemotherapy for a form of cancer that is not usually survivable, as well as dealing with mental health issues due to a family court case - which I won with full costs despite being my own solicitor - I emerged from chemo at the end of April 2019, a bit of a wreck. I then went straight from chemo to a 5-day trial against my stepfather and sister with a vile former brother-in-law former family cult leader presiding. I had 5 days of his lying to the judge about me, trying to sabotage my witnesses and all sorts of dirty tricks employed by a former cop like he: 'Your honour, Emily lunged at my witness and had to be restrained,' (not true.) Or saying to my newly arrived witnesses: 'Emily has just told us under oath that you...(lie inserted).' It was stressful; I had to be on the ball, but I was on anti-anxiety meds; it dredged up the ugly past of my childhood and required enormous amounts of faith, work and reserves but I won, with full costs, which is very unusual, but the judge referred to the offer made by my brother-in-law and sister as 'derisory.' He was determined that I got my award in full and costs in full. Despite being vindicated (the judge agreed with my every argument) and having achieved the moral victory I most wanted (and some of my inheritance - my former sister and her former husband, got away with the primary asset, and my stepfather with the bulk of the cash my uncle did not want him to have, I won the Oosthuizen/Woodhead war.

Soon after this, the stress of arranging my daughter's birthday party that year caused something of a breakdown - I tend to make ambitious cakes and food from scratch as well as designing party bags and games that I make up and 'perform.' I had a bit of a 'performance' in the store cupboard that was interrupted by the father of a child arriving early and asking 'if he could help.' This forced me to pull myself together, in a raggedy Ann kind of away, and to pull off the party with just a minor degree of hysteria. I emerged from all of this knowing I was going to have to project manage my own restoration project. I spent the rest of 2019 resting, regrouping and started working again - painting at my studio once a week and writing and editing. I spent time outdoors. 2020, my painting developed further and I began to sell as well as finish work on my third novel while editing and homeschooling - I upped the pace slowly and steadily. I began yoga and cycling and strengthened my spiritual life by putting prayer and meditation first - God had been knocked off His pedestal somewhat during these wilderness times, though he was always faithful to me, as is His way.

2021...I had a conversation about modelling where it was mentioned that 'mature models' think classic Mercedes over electric cars, are making a comeback. A little googling, or goggling proved this to be correct. A gauntlet was thrown - 'Why not give it another crack?' In short, I may or may not try modelling again but an idea was sown. For health reasons and to complete my restoration project I am going to try to turn back the clock and try to get as near as possible to the peak health and fitness I had in my late teens and twenties. I'm not delusional. I don't expect to look as I did in the tear sheets of the magazines I appeared in. It's just a goal for the holistic restoration project (me) that I am documenting. Watch this space.