Sunday, 5 February 2012

Indiscriminate mirrors

“You blinking thing Mummy!”
“Get me out of this flipping high-chair.” Don’t speak like that Darling. “OK, get me out of here, baa baa black sheep.”
“Yes, I know, Mummy, this is not a good idea.”
“Stop that nonsense, man, Mummy.”
“I’m freaking out alright? I’m freaking out now!”
You may be wondering why I have listed the above quotes. They have issued forth from the mouth of my daughter in the last ten days. It is astonishing, and in some cases, downright alarming, how one’s two year old can hold up a linguistic mirror to oneself and thereby reveal one’s state of mind. Children are indiscriminate as to when they hold up the mirror. My girl likes to hold mine up to me in shopping centres for the amusement of the general populace, or in church, or in the packed confines of a doctor’s surgery. I suppose I should be grateful that I no longer use the kind of language that would make an army sergeant blush. Having observed my daughter waving her arms around like a maniac while uttering the final quote above, I realised I have indeed been ‘freaking out’ due to a flat move (sort of) an extensive work load and the usual lack of sleep. Last Sunday, I decided that a week-long sabbatical to Wales was in order, from whence I write these words. Has it been a sabbatical so far? Put it this way, I almost revisited the expletives, but for fear of public humiliation. More to follow.


  1. Out of the mouths of babes .... know thyself! Ha,ha,ha! I had the film running behind my eyes as I read this...and I remember similar experiences during your tiny twos, two ... er ... too!

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