Friday 27 September 2013

Walking up Walls

Hi! I'm back. My new novel is finished and I am looking forward to tackling the back burner that has become a huge smoking fire that is beginning to whiff. Life has been interesting with the teenager having started 'A' Levels and the six month old having started to sit up. The two and four year olds have started home school - well the four year old has, the two year old copies what we are doing in a squiggly fashion. We have also set up our own little publishing company, which has been a steep learning curve, especially for my husband who has had to do all the 'hard stuff,' and can now walk up walls, metaphorically speaking. I am very excited about this little venture of ours, in a zonked out sleepless sort of way. We will be offering a full publishing package including consulting and editorial advice, the only bit we can't do yet is the actual printing, but we may even be able to do that before long.

The book you ask? Well it's called Big Men's Boots, book one of a trilogy. The series is about Owen Evan's faith journey from boyhood as the son of Welsh revivalists (book one), to an older man (book three). Owen has a prophetic gift and the unfolding and outworking of this supernatural gift runs through the three books. As with After the Rains, Big Men's Boots is an action packed adventure story on more than one level (physically and spiritually speaking) that is woven from authentic fabric and takes place in North Wales during the Welsh Revival, France during The First World War, London in the twenties, the Orkney Islands and Cape Town. I hope you will join me on this 'multidimensional' literary journey. Big Men's Boots, for men (big or otherwise) women and young adults, will be available in most e book retailers worldwide in the next few days. Print books to follow before long.