Wednesday 15 November 2017

Coup de Grace

It’s been a while since I’d have given two Bobs (Mugabe) for the news. But upon my word, riveted, I have been, since hearing of the coup (in both senses, of course) in Zimbabwe. Are the Macbeth’s of Zimbabwe to be foisted from power? Will the ghost of Mugabe be banished from government or will his ghoulish spectre hover for another generation or two via ZANU PF?

Please no! Let’s have real change in Zimbabwe. I’m with Tendai Biti and his suggestion for a non-political transitional party (NTA) to bring about stability before the elections that are currently scheduled for July 2018. A group of  campaigners, activists, prominent business people and concerned citizens have been meeting since October 2015 to brainstorm peaceful change. Apparently the PCC (Platform for Concerned Citizens) number actual war vets in their egalitarian sounding group. (Vets from the war in the 60’s and 70’s as opposed to the homemade weapon-wielding infants that were involved in the farm grabs that began in 2000).

Here’s hoping that this really will be the coup de Grace that sees Grace and her ilk banished to Never Never Land and Zimbabwe dragged out of its economic misery - Grace reminds me of Winnie in her latter years. I’m also hoping to see some dynamic women rise up and take to the podium. Perhaps we will hear some new voices emerging via the PCC and other new grassroots organisations? It is time.