Friday 1 February 2013

Happy happy joy joy

This should blast the guests and leave them red faced (HOT!)
I've been struggling a bit with the moody blues today (not the satin clad ones, they are always tuneful and not discordant as I sometimes am) and have tried various things to snap me out of it. Reasoning: I am just tired. Solid sleep hours per night this week 3-4 (not bad)
I am on a downer after being high yesterday (not on drugs or brain chemicals: on accomplishment).
Music: This worked for a while.
Media: Online papers etc., this did not work
'Roached' almonds for this evening, a bit frazzled, but so am I
Brief prayer on the loo this morning whilst trying to wake up: This helped. My problems are teeny-weeny compared to great big God.

Cooking (in advance!) for beloved and friends this evening: This helped. Why? The nurturing aspect of cooking and anticipating the evening ahead helped me dwell on the loved ones that are so important to me, which led to...
Thankfulness and meditating on all that I have...
Which has led to buoyancy and a sense of accomplishment, that is outside of myself and my quixotic headspace.

Oh and this afternoon, sliding down a three tier slide at a kids soft play centre holding a one year old (and an eight month pregnancy) is good for a laugh, though what the other parents thought is best left unguessed.