Saturday 21 December 2013

'Tis the season to forget all folly tra la la la la la la la la...

Greetings jolly bloggy ones. This is the last post...bee dee bee dee beep. And then I will be over and out until next year. Well not over and not out as despite my failure yesterday (my second driving test!) I am choosing (with the occasional flashback) to focus on the good stuff - always good to remind ourselves of successes when tough stuff tugs. Because Christmas is not always jolly for everyone. For folks that have lost people or battle black dog, who bites back or backward, Christmas can be hard.

When I was teaching art/writing as therapy to women in recovery/with mental health issues, so many of them found Christmas unbearably painful. I think of them with fondness because we always ended up laughing at the end of the sessions or at least smiling or edified. They taught me a lot.

Here's some of my happy:

1. New son! Born in March.
2. New book! Born in September!
3. New publishing company! Born this summer!
4. All my precious ones with me for Christmas!
5. Grace - daughter and actual.

There is some ongoing not so great stuff, sadly nothing new there, but I believe that when we make a deliberate, and concerted effort (choose) to focus on the positive it is easier to remain in peace, joy or at least happiness.

And some happy tips:

Joy to the world: Belief. For me a fundament of existence. Faith always gives me the means to carry on because the end is always good. Faith can be found (or resurrected - I recommend the resurrection, works for me).

People faces are a wonder. When I feel down the beautiful ones around me, big and small whack the smile back.

Vision. Look to the future. If you do not have vision create some: What do you really, really want from life? Create a map to get there and then plot it out step by step: small changes - one a month/week/day lead to big ones.. It is never too late to make changes - retrain if necessary.

Laugh: Surround yourself with people who rip your face in half they are so funny.

Dance: Find a person, small or large who will dance around the room with you in a ludicrous manner. I have one of these installed in the house. An imperative.

I have and do follow this advice (mostly - I have reminder folk for when I don't). Forgive me if I come across all 'worthy' 'tis the season.