Friday 11 January 2013

Gene Genius

Happy New Year cyber buddies, known and unknown. This year the blog is going to be five days a week, and possibly even seven - though I might not be allowed. It is also going to shorter and snappier - as in zing zing! - and also as in photographs! Yes, I am going to come over all stylish, you wait and see, and no kiddy vomit on top or on tops either...standby...

Yes, it does say Rambo
Naturally I have been pondering NY resolutions. I have decided not to have any, so that I do not have to break them. Instead, I am going to have daily, weekly and perhaps monthly goals so that I can restrict my failures and celebrate my successes more often. Genius right? A daily goal might be to bake a cake, or do this blogster thing. Rambo! I have already succeeded in ticking off two resolutions. Talk about having my cake and eating it! Congratulations to me.

Today my long (and ultra slim n sinewy, even after Christmas) suffering (not as much as me!) husband went back to free lancing work - in my minds eye he galloped along Monty Python style on his own two feet bashing coconut halves and chucked a lance through a screen marked 'random job' and, well - lanced it. Only random as in it seems that in the early months of this year work may be random for him...which is not celebratory news financially speaking, but creatively speaking it is top smoking gun, because I am taking a six week writing sabbatical and trotting (minus the coconuts apart from the ones clanging in my head) down to the British Library to write my book! It's a morning only scribble job but I am thrilled! So if you are there, I will be the one looking like I have swallowed a beach ball with nipper vomit on my top.

My daughter's heart bread
Oh yes! Also today I am going for dinner with my very tall, very handsome sixteen year old son who is a wit-mobile to boot, which is the highlight of my year so far as he does not live here any more (hear that mournful tune?). It is always fun being out with him because people gape at him in the street and I get to bask in the reflected glory and secretly claim that his genetic success is all down to me.

Oh dear this is no longer short. Hope it's snappy...standby...