Tuesday 12 March 2013

Peter Hitchens is right...about grammar schools and more

Look away now if you do not want to see me bang on about British education some more. Like my new friend Peter. Peter does not know he is my new friend, but Peter, in this political age of utter nonsense, where the top three parties are a farce to be heckled with, I, like so many others, just look for people who write sense, so that they can not feel so...alone. In a recent blog about the UK school system, I gave an example of a Labour politician I had encountered who had patted himself on the back for sending his kids to state school, when the state in question was not 'in a state' at all as it were - scroll down for Peeing through the eye of a needle...if you did not read it. Now it seems that Nicked Cleggers is clogging down Hypocrisy Road following the directions that Tony Flair (for self promotion and pocket lining) Dianne Abbott (not Holy, but holey in policy) and others have mapped out - that of sending their children to schools that are either private (Di-hard with a vengeance), when they are supposed to be against private education, or state schools that really aren't. It seems the Clegg kids are going to the London Oratory which is about as egalitarian as Cambridge. See Peter's blog for more: http://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/

Most people seem to hate Peter Hitchens but I like him enormously because he speaks SENSE and thus, of course, he is not fashionable, like say Sandi Toksvig, who really is a nasty mare in a Teddy Bear suit, but does not realise it because there is so much stuffing in her head. During a recent News Quiz chaired by Sandi Toxic on Radio 4, the education minister was vilified as a foetus in a jar. Pots and kettles rattled. I had listened to this programme and this incident really wound me up, it was just so gratuitously nasty. Peter had noticed too, and blogged about the nastiness prevalent on the left - you'll have to pootle about in his archives for that one - well worth reading some of the other stuff too. This does seem to be the case. Certainly with the BBC who only seem to roll on the left hand side of the bed. Can't folks belong to differing sides (not that the sides really differ much at all anymore) of the political divide and not savage each other? Satire, (what happened to that level of elevated wit?) is a good and necessary mirror to hold up for our politicians and those that are given too much media power that it goes to their woolly heads, but nastiness for the sake of it is just not clever.

The 'foetus in a jar' type of 'joke' (who came up with that tired, base joke anyhow? Note to TNQ: hire some people who can write original funny jokes) espoused by Toksvig, is part of the bullying culture of this country and is particular to nasty public schoolboys and girls - yes you Sandi. Caveat: I am married to a public schoolboy so obviously I am generalising. Another caveat: I am not completely against private education, there are elements I do not despise, but they do not include the buying of places, in various ways, as I have previously blogged. I intend to educate my younger children very privately (at home). Har har! Back to TNQ. When Gove was defended by another guest (can't remember who, but he was most likely seated on the right), he was arrogantly stamped down. Why is Gove hated so much? For trying to reform our unjust, increasingly absurd education system? He was forced to back down on his laudable attempts to do something about our not good enough GCSE system and introduce the more rigorous English Baccalaureate system. So beat him over the head with a skillet! Plain vitriol is just vitriol when not dispensed with satire. 

For the sake of your own head turn this woman off unless you are interested in hearing how she fancies Cheryl Cole because she has 'opinions' (on what? Simon Cowell? How bouffant her hair is?) What the L'Oreal is going on out there people? Yesterday we are told that Sandi Toxic does not like Kate because she does not have 'opinions' (or maybe because she does not fancy her?). I am no hot royalist, but has Sandi ever sat down with Kate over some cream buns and chatted to her to find out if she actually has any opinions? Has it entered her head that maybe Kate saves her opinions for when her and Will are taking the mickey out of the likes of her in bed at night because they can't be spouting opinions Willy-nilly given who they are. Duh! Look what happened to Princess Di - who did have opinions. "It's all very Jane Austen," Sandi blunders on about Kate. Pardon? Did JA not have opinions? Did her headstrong women not have opinions? Parp, Sandi. Women (and men) need to stop being so nasty about each other left and right in the media to get attention and start using their heads instead. And yes, I realise I have just had a go at Sandi, but she needs to stop. She's like an out of control cart- horse (see how it's viral?), meanly (and unfunnily) clattering over our nations media. 

Thanks for the antidote Peter.